Our Story

Born and raised in Surabaya, and now in Bali. The cakes we produce is the only reason for us to setting one foot in Bali quite recently. We love to make cakes that are characterized by beautifully rustic, sometimes peculiar, with delicately hand-crafted materials, classic yet modern, almost fine-art cakes.

K. Pastries is a team of self-learning, passionate young bakers led by Meli & Rudy, a couple with home baking and photography background. They see cakes as edible arts, which needs two things to be put in mind for every cakes we make: a cake needs to be foremost delicious then it needs to be good looking.

With aim to drawing smiles in our clients’ and customers’ faces after they eat our cakes, we constantly learning and honing our skills to meets our clients’ needs. Covered with buttercream or fondant, and sometimes dark chocolate ganache, our cakes have ranges of flavors, both classic and vegan friendly options are available for our cakes.

We believe artistry isn’t mass produced and we put individual attention in every cakes we make. Started our journey as a home-bakers, it made us understand cakes needs to be unique and needs some characters, we have never been made two cakes alike. Our team put in hours to work in every cakes we make, mostly to get the details right and to hand-made our sugar paste flowers, edible laces, wafer papers and many other materials.

Each time we discover new materials and methods, we test it and incorporate those into our cakes. We never stop learning to catching up with the keep evolving trends. We are not your trending and flashy cake stores, we are your professional personal cake creators.